Sunrise crafts beautiful, compelling, playful animation. We work with the world’s top brands to create character-driven entertainment.

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Sunrise Productions is an animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We believe that animation crosses race, cultural, age and gender barriers better than any other medium. Sunrise has a passion for quality storytelling, and a conviction that film and TV are the most powerful mediums for story in the modern era. Our mission is to inspire, entertain, challenge and enchant audiences worldwide, providing the finest in family entertainment.

Launched in 1998, we made media history with the release of the first feature length animation to come out of Africa, The Legend of the Sky Kingdom. This was followed by the award-winning short animation children’s series, Jungle Beat and Munki and Trunk. These shows have broadcast in more than 150 countries and attracted millions of subscribers on YouTube. We've created characters and shows for some of the world's biggest brands. And we're just getting started...