Bitten: Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town, is an exploration of food the way it should be enjoyed – simple, unintimidating, and with the people we love.

At the heart of Bitten is Sarah Graham, a self-confessed “regular person”. She’s the first to admit that she’s not a professional chef. But she’s built her life around a passion for good friends and good food – a life that includes a successful blog and two cookbooks.

Throughout the series Sarah is joined by chefs and food lovers alike, who offer tips and share in the joy of the cooking (and of course, eating). The thirteen episodes take viewers on a fascinating journey, travelling from wine regions and beachfronts, to fishing communities and the brightly painted Georgian terraces of the Bo Kaap, bringing them the best of the Western Cape’s locations and scenery, as well as a treasure trove of food, culture and people.

There's no posturing coming from Sarah's kitchen, just practical, wholesome food, which she loves to share with those she holds dearest. “There is something so profoundly simple and satisfying about sharing food with friends and family,” Sarah concludes.

Bitten caters to every food enthusiast who doesn’t have the time or the budget to prepare a gourmet meal every day. The show is an expression of passion and inspiration, a celebration of the story behind each taste and the people who make it worth sharing.