A tree-crashing, rock-smashing, water-splashing, fruit-mashing, knock-about, comedy adventure!

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Munki (a bold, banana-juggling adventurer) and Trunk (a big-hearted and optimistic elephant) are best friends. They do everything together - swinging, stomping and somersaulting as they explore their jungle world, hatching plans, solving problems, having fun and helping friends along the way.

Munki and Trunk is a dialogue-free 3D animated TV series for kids aged 4 to 7, and animals of all ages. It is distributed worldwide by Aardman Rights and produced by Sunrise Productions.

Meet the Characters


Munki is full of energy, bravado and big ideas. This monkey is impulsive, agile and crazy about his best friend Trunk.


Trunk is a determined, enthusiastic optimist. She always sees the best in everyone, and every situation... however dire. Trunk's greatest joy is in helping, supporting and playing with her jungle friends.


This awkward oddball is all heart and four left hooves. Tallbert’s always eager to be included in any game - being around others helps to soothe his general, all-consuming anxiety.


Humph has prickles on the inside and the outside. He’s the cranky old curmudgeon whose door kids dare each other to knock on, whose garden swallows up stray balls, whose pristine lawn is an obsessively guarded paradise.


Rocky is the jungle’s two tonne puppy - a stick-chasing, tail-wagging tornado of enthusiasm.


In a hive of dutiful, identical drones, Buzby is the odd-bee-out – much to the despair of his rules and routine obsessed Sergeant Major.


Why go off adventuring, when you can lay back on a lily-pad, letting life float by? Ribbert is a frog of leisure, a relaxed loner who likes the finer things.


This adorable ball of anarchy doesn’t know the meaning of impossible. A fearless toddler who giggles in the face of danger, Baby Ostrich is all curiosity and fun.


Mama knows best! The calm, caring ‘Kanga’ of the jungle, this matriarch is always there with a word of encouragement, or to take the jungle crew under her parental protective wing.


The mysterious, silent watcher of the jungle. Hue is everywhere and nowhere, popping up in every episode, if only for a moment. He moves slowly, and is slow to anger.


Ray is a sleepy little sweetheart, a six-year old firefly with a shiny disposition - that is, unless you wake him up from his nap!