Meet 'Jay'

In 2015 Sunrise were awarded the task of creating a new Juventus Football Club mascot. Together we created “Jay” a pround, mythical zebra with a pattern of black, white and gold. “Jay” taps into the deep history of Italy’s oldest club, while still being fresh and exciting to Juventus’s youngest supporters.

Snowbaby (2017)

Snowbaby is the story of a super-cute snowbaby who, thanks to the the magic of Jay, comes to life and experiences the joy of the season, Jay-style!

Red Letter Day (2016)

The story of how Jay saved one boy's Christmas Day. Jay augura un Natale magico (e bianconero) a tutti!

Plaything (2015)

The magic of Jay. Tutta la magia della mascotte della Juventus, Jay!