Teamwork is Magic

The crazy adventures of a magic zebra, a flying squirrel, two children, and a hamster as they discover the magic of teamwork! 26x5-min of animated action-adventure for kids age 6-8.

When the gang find themselves in a pickle, working together as a team always provides better results than going it alone. Whether it’s shrinking the team down to the size of ants, or turning the park play rocket into an actual rocket, Team Jay are ready for whatever adventure comes their way.

The show broadcasts on Nick Jr Italy, and is available to watch worldwide on YouTube.

Stripy Horse (Ep 1)
The very spoilt Meana Mine wants Jay to be her new magic pony.

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Seeing Double (Ep 2)
Mildew Mold and his evil sidekick, Hannibal, have invented a device that turns one thing into two.

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Dami and Cuke (Ep 3)
Meana Mine has a magic mirror that can swap minds and bodies.

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A Bugged Life (Ep 4)
Mildew Mold and his evil sidekick, Hannibal, create robot bugs to spy on Team Jay.

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The Exaggerator (Ep 5)
Mildew Mold wreaks havoc on the town with his new exaggerator ray, that super-sizes anything it hits.

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Flower Power (Ep 7)
Duke feeds Matteo’s mother’s prized flower too much monster plant food and creates a real plant monster by mistake.

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Team of One (Ep 8)
A big football tournament is coming up and Team Jay need to practice.

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Identity Crisis (Ep 9)
Duke tries to find the right personality to be popular, but after a while he forgets who he really is.

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